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Unfortunately, our country holds a “sad” first place in Europe in traffic accidents. The contribution of an experienced lawyer plays a key role. A lawyer can safeguard rights and also regulate the obligations arising from road accidents or accidents.

It is important to contribute from the very first hours of the accident. Because of the emotional stress caused by the accident, many victims often take wrong actions which make the case more difficult and weaken their rights.

Lawyer Car accident

Contact our office to guide you through all stages of your case:

Analysis of the circumstances of the accident. Expert witness and on-site analysis of the accident. Collection of evidence proving the driver’s fault.

Preparation of statements to the police authorities. Special attention should be paid to this point, as misplaced or hasty statements may adversely affect the progress of your case.
Collecting medical documents from the treating physicians to establish your moral damages.

Negotiations with the insurance company to reach a compromise resolution of the dispute.
Drafting and filing a lawsuit without delay once the necessary evidence has been gathered.
The goal in every case is to award the maximum possible compensation within a reasonable period of time.

We are aware of the difficulties caused by delays in justice. In any case, we seek to resolve the dispute out of court. If it is possible to reach an agreement satisfactory to our client. (Car Accident Lawyer)

Compensation for a car accident requires careful management of details and preparation of multiple aspects of the case, which often seem minor, in order to achieve the best result and ensure full satisfaction.

The skilled car accident lawyers at our firm, drawing on their experience and scientific training, can guide you from the moment the event occurs to full compensation with consistency and efficiency to ensure your interests are protected. (Car Accident Lawyer)

Lawyer Car Accident:

From the very first moment, we are there for our client. We contribute our utmost towards the best and most successful development of his case, through all the necessary legal extrajudicial or judicial actions. Our main objective is to provide fair compensation to the victim or his relatives through the appropriate and fastest procedures at the civil and criminal level.

Finally, we undertake the defence or support of the prosecution before criminal courts. Many times it is necessary to find and resolve issues of fault.

We stand by our respective client and make our best contribution towards the best and most successful development of his case.

Our law firm aims at the best possible defence of the client’s interests, with high quality advisory, out-of-court and judicial actions. We also provide advisory services as a direct means of resolving civil, banking and other disputes.

Our qualified staff guarantees the prompt and effective resolution of our clients’ disputes. Our wide network of associates responds immediately on an advisory and judicial level, responding to the requirements of our clients with absolute efficiency. Still having many years of experience in the field, we are available to carry out any criminal and civil case.

Car Accident Lawyer- Car Accident Compensation – Car Accident Lawyers.

If you are looking for a qualified car accident lawyer in Athens and the rest of Attica, for a case, and you wish to contact our office, you can contact our office directly.

In addition, with the assistance of our most qualified and experienced associates, we manage to successfully complete even the most difficult cases. For us, your cases are a challenge and require importance and immediate priority.

Contact us to schedule your appointment immediately. One of our associates will guide you, giving you the best advice on how to resolve your case out of court or in court.

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