Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial law is a branch of private law that deals with commercial transactions and traders.

We provide legal advice and assistance at the court level in all types of commercial law cases.

Commercial law deals with issues such as:

  • Competition
  • Bankruptcy
  • Securities
  • Commercial contracts
  • Stock exchange
  • Etc.

Diaresis – Commercial Law:

Commercial Law, according to the legislation, is a part of Private Law although many provisions give it the character of Public Law e.g. bankruptcy, or provisions relating to Maritime Law. Commercial law is further divided into the following branches:

  • General Part, which concerns commercial transactions in general.
  • Commercial Companies Law.
  • Securities Law.
  • Insurance Law.
  • Maritime Law.
  • Bankruptcy law.

The law firm in other services:

We carry out with speed and success the drafting, filing, publication and amendment of the statutes of all legal entities and all types of companies.

Furthermore, we provide legal advice and guidance regarding the conclusion of corporate agreements, transactions and negotiations. We remain constantly up to date with new developments in this sector through the necessary studies and seminars.

Finally, in compliance with the new requirements imposed by the rise of e-commerce, we stand by the e-entrepreneur during the establishment of his e-shop (e-site) and provide the necessary legal advice for its correct and legal operation.

Through the diligent and careful study of your case we guarantee the best result in the outcome of your case. We always act with a view to securing your legal interests in the fastest and most effective way, through strategic and solution-oriented handling.

In addition, with the assistance of the most qualified and experienced associates, we manage to successfully complete even the most difficult cases. For us, your cases are a challenge and require importance and immediate priority.

Contact us to schedule your appointment immediately. One of our associates will guide you, giving you the best advice on how to resolve your case out of court or in court.

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