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Our firm successfully undertakes and handles inheritance cases.

More specifically, we undertake cases regarding the publication of a will and the declaration of it as a will, disclaimer of inheritance, probate, contesting a will, etc.

How do I write a will?

A few preliminary questions arise if you want to distribute your assets after your own death. The key step is to write a will clearly without any questioning arising. In other words, with a will you can assign your assets to persons or institutions.

When writing a will for a larger estate, it is important to consider that the assets are passed on to the next generation. This also raises the question of whether an executor should be appointed. In similar questions, Probate Lawyers can help with 100% success.

Advance payment of inheritance:

It is possible to allocate some parts of the future estate to one’s heir during his or her lifetime. This act is referred to as anticipatory inheritance. This procedure allows the testator to help his descendants financially. A probate attorney in Athens has the ability to advise you as a testator on advance inheritance planning.

Division of Inheritance ( Inheritance Lawyer)

A community of heirs finds its end in the division of the estate. It is a complicated process if, for example, a property is part of the estate. In this case, it must be considered whether the person who inherits the property can pay off the other heirs. It is not always the law that there is sufficient inheritance to ensure that everything is distributed in the right way to everyone. The probate lawyers at our firm are able to take on your case.

The lawyer can assist in drafting the necessary contracts. Division is a special field. It is better to settle everything professionally than to be at odds with other members.

Contract of inheritance

An inheritance contract is a notarized public contract concluded between the testator and one or more parties. An inheritance contract differs from a will in that all parties to the contract know the contents of the inheritance contract. In this way they know what they will inherit when the time comes. (Inheritance Lawyer)

Our law firm – Inheritance Lawyer

An inheritance contract makes sense if, for example, spouses want to irrevocably benefit each other or an heir voluntarily relinquishes his or her obligatory portion. The contract is suitable for married couples (with or without children) or for cohabiting couples and can regulate succession in family businesses for generations.

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Also through diligent and careful study of your case we are committed to the best outcome in the outcome of your case. We always act with a view to securing your legal interests in the fastest and most effective manner through strategic and solution-oriented handling. (Inheritance Lawyer)

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