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When concluding lease contracts, both commercial and residential, the assistance of an attorney is required for the drafting of such contracts and supervision in general. We successfully undertake cases:

  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Providing advice on the resolution of problems both out of court and before the relevant Courts.
  • Guidance and legal advice in the negotiation and conclusion of private lease agreements.

In addition, our law firm aims at the best possible defense of the interests of our clients, with high quality advisory, extrajudicial and judicial actions. We also provide advisory services as a direct means of resolving civil, banking and other disputes. Our qualified staff guarantees the prompt and effective resolution of our clients’ disputes. Our wide network of associates responds immediately on an advisory and judicial level, responding to the requirements of our clients with absolute efficiency. Still having many years of experience in the field, we are available to carry out any criminal and civil case.

Lawyer for commercial leases.

We are always at the side of individuals and legal entities, with the expertise and the necessary care to undertake and successfully carry out their cases.

Contact us to schedule your appointment immediately. One of our associates will guide you, giving you the best advice for the out-of-court or in-court resolution of your case. (Lease of property lawyer)

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Lease of property Lawyer

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