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Lawyer Residence Permit.

Issuance and renewal of residence permits.

Our office undertakes cases concerning the issuance and renewal of residence permits to foreign citizens.

We undertake and carry out with complete success cases concerning the process of issuing or renewing residence permits.

  • Indicatively among the most important residence permits are: Residence permit for work as well as professional reasons.
  • Family reunification
  • Long-term residence for work, employment or work-related purposes, employment and occupation, employment for work and employment for family and professional purposes.
  • Exceptional reasons
  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Studies etc.

Foreigners who have entered the country legally after being granted a national visa (where and when required) can apply for a residence permit. The process of obtaining a national visa for legal entry into the country is a complicated procedure, in which the assistance of a lawyer is required.

In some cases, of course, there is also a solution for those foreign citizens who are in the country illegally but can prove seven years of continuous residence in the country. Contact our office for any relevant information you need, and one of our associates will guide you.

For filing a residence permit, documents are required, including:

  • Passport/ valid travel document
  • National entry visa
  • Passport or travel document (visa or residence permit)
  • Other documents.

The supporting documents required are of course different in each case and depend on the type of residence permit for which you are applying. Our office with its experienced associates has considerable experience in issuing residence permits for foreigners and can assist you in suggesting and gathering the required supporting documents.

Upon submission of the application for a residence permit, you will be asked by the relevant office to provide fingerprints. Our associates are at your side and will assist you during this process as well, with the successful outcome of your application in mind.

How long does the residence permit last? – Lawyer Residence permit

Every foreign citizen wishing to obtain a residence permit in the country should be aware that the duration of a residence permit varies and is not the same for every permit. This depends on many factors such as the category of residence permit etc.

Benefits of obtaining a residence permit in Athens

Before moving to Greece, there are certain steps that need to be taken. Obtaining a residence permit is one such step. By securing a residence permit, one can reap many benefits such as:

  • Access to government services: A residence permit provides individuals with access to public healthcare, educational opportunities and other social welfare services provided by the Greek state.
  • Individuals with a valid residence permit can seek employment without fear of deportation or prosecution by the Greek authorities. This provides an easier path to stability and economic security, as well as opening up wider employment prospects outside the tourism-related industries.
  • Security against eviction/deportation: Residence permits also provide protection against possible eviction or deportation due to changes in local legislation or policy changes at national level. In addition, they give holders the right to appeal against any unfair treatment they may suffer while living in Greece.
  • Pathway to citizenship: Obtaining a residence permit could potentially lead to a pathway to permanent residency status and eventually even full Greek citizenship if the holder so desires after meeting all the necessary requirements set by law.

Lawyer Residence permit

The advantages of having a residence permit in Athens become clear once these facts are taken into account. It gives those who obtain it greater peace of mind when faced with uncertain times and offers more freedom than they would have had without it.

Understanding the fees and costs associated with obtaining a residence permit in Athens is as important as knowing its benefits, so that each person can make an informed decision before applying.

Professional Help for the Application Process – Residence Permit Lawyer

First of all, it should be made clear that lawyers are generally knowledgeable about the complex laws regarding immigration. This means that they will have extensive knowledge about the relevant requirements necessary to secure lawful leave to remain.

They will also know exactly how long it takes to complete certain procedures and will be able to advise on whether certain steps need to be taken before applications can be made. In addition, immigration lawyers are usually familiar with local court systems and procedures – which can prove useful if problems arise during the application process.

Immigration lawyers can also help applicants understand their rights as Greek citizens, ensuring that there is no unfair treatment at any part of the residence permit process.

In addition, they can offer guidance on choosing between different types of permits, helping clients decide which option best suits their particular needs and circumstances.

In addition, these professionals can assist in the preparation of documents required for filing and represent clients before government officials upon request.

Finally, some immigration attorneys even provide post-application support services. This includes assisting individuals in navigating the bureaucracy associated with securing jobs or attending school within Athens while holding a valid residency permit. (Residency Permit Lawyer)

In summary, there are many advantages to hiring experienced immigration lawyers when applying for a residence permit in Athens – from accessing up-to-date information on the appropriate bureaucracy through providing representation during the legal proceedings for any disputes arising from the submitted applications, etc.

What to expect when working with an immigration lawyer – Lawyer Residence Permit

When working with an immigration lawyer for a residency permit in Athens, it is important to understand what to expect from the process. Immigration lawyers provide advice and assistance with the complicated legal processes involved in obtaining visas or other permits.

They can also represent clients in the process of filing their applications before Greek authorities and courts. Working with an experienced attorney ensures that all documents are submitted correctly and on time, as well as falling within applicable regulations and laws.

In addition to providing guidance throughout the process, immigration lawyers are skilled negotiators who may be able to quickly settle issues or mediate between parties. This can be particularly useful when dealing with multiple stakeholders, such as embassies, employers, landlords and family members.

In addition, having a lawyer present at meetings involving government agencies can help ensure that everyone understands any requirements needed to successfully complete the application process.

Immigration attorneys often have access to resources not available to nonprofessionals, which enables them to research case law and gather documents more efficiently than someone without legal training could do on their own.

This information can be used to build strong arguments that support a client’s desired outcome by following relevant laws and regulations. With this level of expertise comes the confidence in knowing one’s rights under applicable law whether seeking naturalization or seeking asylum status.

Key considerations when choosing an immigration lawyer

When choosing an immigration lawyer to assist with the residency application , there are several key issues. First, the prospective client should make sure that the attorney has experience with the specific type being addressed. A good way to do this is by reading reviews from other clients or speaking directly with former clients.

It is also important for potential clients to assess their own comfort level when working with a lawyer. If the communication between the two parties is not carried out well, it will be difficult to successfully move forward with any legal matters.

In addition, cost can play a significant role in choosing a suitable immigration lawyer. Every lawyer has different fee structures and payment plans that may not fit certain budgets.

However, it is advisable not to make decisions based solely on money, as quality representation can be extremely helpful in achieving desired outcomes regarding residency permit applications and other related issues. (Residence Permit Lawyer)

It is important for all individuals seeking an immigration attorney to thoroughly research attorneys until a confident decision is made regarding who will provide services most appropriate to individual needs.

Preparation for a consultation with an immigration attorney should include gathering relevant documents, such as birth certificates and passports, as well as outlining the relevant details of the case before meeting with the selected professional.

Preparing for your consultation with an immigration lawyer.

Immigration can be a complicated and disorienting process. It is important to make sure you are prepared for your consultation with an immigration attorney in order to get the most out of it. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing:

  • Gather all necessary documents, such as passports, visa applications, birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates.
  • Make a list of questions that you would like answered during your meeting with the lawyer.
  • Research potential attorneys before scheduling meetings and read reviews from former clients who have used their services before making a final decision.
  • It is also important to understand what will happen during the consultation itself. In general, consultations consist of two parts: an informal discussion about goals followed by a more formal review of your current situation and legal options available to you based on those goals.

During the initial part of the consultation, try to focus on providing clear answers so that your attorney has enough information needed to evaluate whether or not he or she will be able to represent you effectively.

Once this assessment is made, then they can discuss any strategies that may help to achieve success in obtaining approval for a residency application. (Lawyer Residence permit)

By preparing early, having access to all relevant documents and knowledge about the expectations of both parties – yours and the attorney you have chosen – you can ensure that their appointment goes smoothly without any hiccups along the way to gaining approval for a residency application. (Lawyer Residence Permit)

What is the timeframe for processing an application for a residence permit?

Processing an application for a residence permit can be a time-consuming process, requiring certain documents to verify a person’s identity. The length of the processing period for a residence permit will vary depending on the country or region to which the application is submitted.

In some cases, the processing of applications may take as little as two months, while in other countries it may take much longer. It is therefore important to assess local regulations when applying for a residence permit so that applicants know how long their application may take.

When applying for a residence permit , there are several factors to consider. These include documents such as passports or national identity cards from both the applicant and any dependants.

Proof of sufficient income; tenancy agreement/property certificate; birth certificates; medical reports; marriage certificate (if available); police clearance report; employment contracts and letters from employers confirming job offers. Depending on the individual case, additional requirements may need to be met.

In order to provide assurance that all requirements are met before applying, it is advisable to seek professional advice from lawyers specialised in immigration law, who can advise individuals on whether they meet the criteria set out by the particular country you wish to relocate to.

Legal professionals can help expedite the application process by gathering relevant information and ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted correctly before submitting the completed form.

This will ensure that processing times are kept to a minimum and avoid potential difficulties further if incorrect data is provided at the initial submission.

Are there any additional costs associated with obtaining a residence permit? – Lawyer Residence Permit

Obtaining a residence permit can be a complicated process and understanding all the costs involved is essential. Having a clear idea of what to expect in terms of financial commitments can be a relief knowing that one is on the right track. So let’s get to the question: Are there any additional costs associated with obtaining a residence permit ?

To answer this question, it helps to look at the specific requirements for obtaining a residence permit by country or region. In many cases, fees are required when applying for a residence permit , such as visa fees and registration fees.

Depending on where you live, these can vary significantly; like comparing apples and oranges. In addition, legal services may need to be obtained, which will also incur costs depending on how complex your situation is.

However, it should be noted that some countries waive certain fees if applicants meet certain criteria (e.g., come from low-income households). In addition, premiums may need to be paid before obtaining permanent residence status.

Although it may seem daunting at first glance, considering these details beforehand can save you money and time later!

Therefore, it is worth taking the time now to understand the potential costs associated with residency permits before investing further resources in the application process itself. (Residence Permit Lawyer)

Is there any way to speed up the processing of my residence permit application?

Obtaining a residence permit in Greece is an important and complicated process. Expediting the application may be desirable, but not all applicants know how to do it effectively.

First, there are certain steps that individuals must take before beginning the application process. It is recommended that prospective applicants gather all required documents, such as identification documents, proof of employment or education, and any other relevant evidence in advance; this will help speed up the process overall.

In addition, understanding the information that is necessary to provide on each form is essential for success. A clear plan on which forms need to be completed and when could prove useful here as well.

Once all requirements have been met and the paperwork is complete, the application can be submitted. To ensure fast processing times, applicants should with the assistance of an attorney:

– Re-check the necessary documents for accuracy before submission.

– Contact qualified attorneys who can assist in expediting procedures, where available.

In summary, while certain methods used by individuals seeking residency in Athens may vary depending on their circumstances, following these steps provides an effective way to increase the chances of having their application processed quickly and efficiently.


The process of obtaining a residence permit in Athens can be compared to the construction of a building. Just as a builder must assemble all the pieces correctly and following certain regulations, an applicant seeking a residence permit must comply with specific instructions and timelines set by the Greek immigration authorities.

Applicants should note that there may be additional costs associated with their application, such as fees or commissions. In addition, applicants should take steps to expedite their applications where possible, such as providing the necessary documents in a timely and accurate manner.

Overall, it is important that those seeking to obtain residency in Athens thoroughly understand the process before submitting any documents or making any payments. By doing so, individuals will ensure that their residency permit applications proceed smoothly and efficiently. (Lawyer Residence Permit)

Renewal of residence permit – Lawyer Residence Permit
Our law firm also undertakes the process of renewal of residence permits. Contact us and one of our associates will inform you about the necessary documents you need to provide, the category you need to apply for and any costs (fees).

Our office is always by your side throughout the whole process, monitoring the progress of the case, keeping you informed about it and achieving a successful outcome.

Our law office is located at 39 Stadiou Street, Athens. Appointments are made by telephone for your convenience.

Through the diligent and careful study of your case we guarantee the best result in the outcome of your case. We always act with a view to securing your legal interests as quickly and effectively as possible, through strategic and solution-oriented handling.

Do not hesitate to call us or even fill out the contact form for any questions regarding your case. One of our associates will call you to make an appointment as soon as possible or to advise you over the phone.

In addition, with the assistance of our most qualified and experienced associates, we are able to successfully complete even the most difficult cases. For us, your cases are a challenge and require importance as well as immediate priority.

Contact us to schedule your appointment immediately. One of our associates will guide you, giving you the best advice on how to resolve your case out of court or in court.

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