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Law Firm Athens Deuteraiou Anna and Associates :

The Law Firm Athens provides legal services through a network of experienced partners. We cover most areas of law, both in and out of court, responding with professionalism, prudence and success.

Also through diligent and careful study of your case we are committed to the best outcome in the outcome of your case. We always act with a view to securing your legal interests as quickly and effectively as possible through strategic and solution-oriented handling.

With the assistance of our most qualified and experienced associates, we manage to successfully complete even the most demanding cases. For us, your cases are a challenge and require importance and immediate priority. Law Firm Athens.

In addition, our law firm aims at the best possible defense of the interests of our clients, with high quality advisory, extrajudicial and judicial actions. We also provide advisory services as a direct means of resolving civil, banking and other disputes. Our qualified staff guarantees the prompt and effective resolution of our clients’ disputes. Our wide network of associates responds immediately on an advisory and judicial level, responding to the requirements of our clients with absolute efficiency. Still having many years of experience in the field, we are available to carry out any criminal and civil case.

We are always at the side of individuals and legal entities, with the expertise and the necessary attention, in order to undertake and successfully complete their cases.


In particular, we provide services in the following areas:


  • Family Law. Among them are divorce and child custody and maintenance cases, communication between parents and children, cohabitation agreements, legal support, adoption, etc. (Law Firm Athens)
  • Contract Law. Such as the protection of rights in rem in general, conducting title control and drafting the relevant report, as well as representation in the conclusion of purchase and sale contracts and land registry cases (declaration of ownership, submission of correction requests, etc.).
  • Inheritance Law. With regard to the publication of a will and the declaration of its validity, the renunciation of inheritance and the issue of a testamentary certificate, the contestation of a will, etc.
  • Traffic Accidents. To claim compensation out of court or before the competent court.
  • Lawyer’s Rights. Such as purchase and sale contracts, lease disputes and drafting of all kinds of agreements, etc.
  • Company statutes. We handle with speed and success the drafting, filing, publication and amendment of the articles of association of all legal entities and all types of companies.
  • Commercial Contracts. We provide the appropriate advice for the conclusion of all types of contracts to fully safeguard your interests. (Law Firm Athens)
  • Residence permits. We undertake cases of issuing and renewal of all types of residence permits.

Our law office is located at 39 Stadiou Street, Athens. Appointments are made by telephone for your convenience.

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